underwaterphotography by Lambertus Ras

Other hobbies

Soon on this page there will be albums with photos from my other hobbies. For example introductiondiving, diving courses and other events from DuikClub Urk . Also to be seen here are the photos of a wedding, Urker days, Formula 3 races and lots more. Next to the diving I’m also a fanatic runner. If I don’t walk the race myself, then I’m right next to the road to encourage and photograph the runners.

At this moment you can leave a comment on a photo that I made on my holidays and above- and underwater-adventures. Or a comment on a report that I wrote. You do this by clicking on the photo or the report and  then filling in the form below it. Then you press the ´Save´ button and then the comment will be placed after it’s approved by me.

Soon you can also log in on my site. If you’re logged in you can download the photos from the foot race or the introductiondive that you participated in. Of course it’s possible to mail me if you find the copy to small and you want a bigger copy.

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